Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo have always stood out for their focus on research and innovation: the VCR Experimental Center, the very first private Research Center in Viticulture, has always been acknowledged nationally and internationally as an important reference point for viticulture. Today, thanks to the expansion and renovation of their micro-vinification cellar and with the building the new "VCR Research Center", they’re once again investing in R&D, in the belief that Innovation is the most valuable asset for maintaining and consolidating their worldwide leadership.


New VCR labs for the enhancement of diagnostic capabilities and for the implementation of new plant recovery techniques.


Pollination activity for the creation and selection of new resistant varieties.


New greenhouses for pathogen-resistance tests and selection of new varieties and for the enhancement of plant propagation in pots


Field tests for the selection of new resistant varieties


Fully renovated micro-vinification cellar


New rootstocks of the “M” series