80 years

In 1920, in Rauscedo, a small village at the foot of the Carnic Alps, in an economically depressed area, which was characterized by mass emigration, the core of a grapevine nursery activity started to take its shape. It was a non-commissioned officer of the Italian Royal Army who, a few years before, had helped some farmers of Rauscedo village to refine the bench-grafting technique, which they learned and absorbed eagerly, hoping to improve their standard of living. It started like this, in dribs and drabs, a modest activity, until around 1929/30 the idea that the form of association would solve many problems and allowed a greater production at remunerative prices started to spread. And so, after many vicissitudes, at the initiative of "authentic apostles", like Pietro D'Andrea, a passionate animator of nursery activity, in 1933 Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo were founded. After World War II a new energy poured into the village: it was the energy of the new generations, who did not want to emigrate, and of the veterans, who did not want to abandon their lands.

In 1948 the production of grafted cuttings exceeded the quantity of 3 million, so the ever increasing size of the Company imposed the transition to the legal form of a limited liability cooperative company. With time, and the increasing possibilities of work, many emigrants returned to their homeland and this helped the Company to cope with the increasing production with new people and new structures. But we are already in relatively recent times, the times of modern generations, who must, however, always draw on memories of the past to gather new energy for a sustainable social, economic and technical development of their nursery activity, always being aware that the cuttings produced by them would put their roots in all the wine growing areas of the world. Winemakers have come to expect from the cooperators’ work and from that of the Cooperative’s technicians perfectly selected materials to be used for the plantation of healthy, long-lasting and profitable vineyards.

And this bill from 1935 contains and summarizes in a clear and unambiguous way the fundamentals of the Cooperative’s work: correctness, accuracy and transparency. In a winegrowers’ business which was conditioned by the field-grafting and by the more-or-less inevitable varietal confusion a real green revolution was taking place in Rauscedo: varietal and rootstock conformity was attested with a regular sales invoice!

During VCR’s history:

The Chairmen

1933 Luigi Basso 1964 Carlo Guerrino D’Andrea
1934 Celeste D’Andrea 1969 Luigi D’Andrea
1938 Luigi Basso 1971 Attilio Marchi
1946 Gino Fornasier 1972 Giuseppe Cocitto
1948 Luigi Basso 1976 Piergiorgio Marchi
1949 Giovanni D’Andrea 1977 Attilio Marchi
1950 Ugo Cancian 1983 Sergio D’Andrea
1951 Domenico Bisutti 1989 Emilio Bisutti
1951 Celeste D’Andrea 2005 Gianfranco D’Andrea
1960 Vittorio Marchi 2008 Pietro D’Andrea
1961 Celeste D’Andrea 2015 Alfredo Bertuzzi
1963 Vittorio Marchi

The Directors

1948-1958 Ennio Chiodi
1960-1975 Ruggero Forti
1976-1977 Claudio Ciastellardi
1977-1984 Ruggero Forti
1984-1985 Lorenzo Ronzani
1986-1987 Cesare Dell’Aquila (Coordinatore)
1987 ad oggi Eugenio Sartori
Pietro D'Andrea